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SachaJuan Hair Repair

SachaJuan Hair Repair

This intensely nourishing hårkur with Ocean Silk Technology * is designed and developed to repair broken, sltna and over groomed hair. Hair Repair has a positive effect on hair cell and helps to restore vitality and strength of the hair. The result is a more malleable, fresh and high-gloss hair. This superkur gives a long lasting effect and is a maximum of reconstruction. Cleana packaging in plastic with fresh scent. Massage the product into clean hair, comb through the hair gently and leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. * Ocean Silk Technology is the name of a technology that assembles and processes the two algextrakten Enteromorpha compressa and Himanhalia elongata and produces silk protein. This protein closes the hair shaft cuticles and gives the hair an extreme conditioning effect. Ocean Silk Technology creates an explanatory power beyond what is normal and gives maximum shine without the hair seems heavy

Contains 250 ml

Men Woman
Hair Repair 135 SEK

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