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Sensai Prime Solution

Sensai Prime Solution

Breakthrough anti-aging product for step 1 of the routine for Double Moisturizers.
Essentials Step 1 in the routine "Double Moisturizers." SENSAI PRIME SOLUTION moisturizes not only the skin but also activates the important cell communication that diminishes as we get older. While Koishimaru Silk EX bathing the skin in an "endless ocean of moisture", boosts Sanzashi (hawthorn) Extract the skin cells' susceptibility *. This dual function allows PRIME SOLUTION by moisturizing your skin and optimizes the effect of the next step 2 products. Suitable for all skin types and is exemplary for those who have been waiting for a Lotion III (super moist).

Content 75 ml glass bottle with dispenser

Prime Solution 1445 SEK
1301 SEK

- Stimulates hyaluronsyreproduktionen in the cells both in the epidermis and dermis.

- Boosts cell susceptibility and cell-to-cell communication in the skin

- Goes deep into the skin (dermis and epidermis) and provide a more effective delivery of the active ingredients

- Provides holistic care

- The scent provides a soothing sensation
- Apply an appropriate amount (3 pump) over the face morning / evening after "double cleansing". Then apply SENSAI emulsion or cream.
Main ingredients:
- Sanzashi Extract - Koishimaru Silk EX
- CPX Vital Extract - Original Fragrance

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