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Depend Lösögonfrans No3

Depend Lösögonfrans No3

Depend False Eyelashes

With a perfect fit. Made of natural hair. Glue included.

Note that the adhesive becomes transparent after application.

IMPORTANT! It may look as if the lashes are equal but there is a right and a left.


1. Carefully remove the fringe from plastinredet with tweezers.

2. Test first so that you have the right width of the fringe. Go outside your own lashes cut the fringe to the

right width.

3. Add a line of glue on the back of the hand. Then dip lösögonfranskanten the adhesive. Apply the lash on your eyelid near the roots of your own lashes with the tweezers.

4. Hold for 5-10 seconds until the adhesive is activated.

5. Now you can apply your makeup as usual.

Removal of false eyelashes: Use Depend Eye Make-up Remover with oil to remove any adhesive residue.

Includes: Eyelashes and 1 tube of glue.
Lösögonfrans No3 60 SEK

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