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Sensai Body Contour Concentrate

Sensai Body Contour Concentrate

Anti-aging body gel for streamlining and better contours

Achieve the perfect silhouette and silky soft skin with regular use of BODY CONTOUR CONCENTRATE, an easy fast penetrating gel. Contains Grains of Paradise, which is 1.6 times more efficient than caffeine when it comes to breaking down fat and Avocado Extract * to increase skin cell energy metabolism. **


- Refreshing feel with a rich texture
- Promotes and lipolysis and microcirculation for a more defined body contour
- Energizes the epidermal cells to optimize sales and to achieve a smooth,
  genomfuktad and radiant skin
- Leaves a silky luster with a powdery floral fragrance

content 200ml

Men Woman
Body Contour Concentrate 1245 SEK
1121 SEK
- Distribute with your palm on the body in alternating, upward strokes, concentrating on the abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs, and between the shoulder blades as shown in the pictures.
- Pressure skin and underlying muscle back in a raised and more youthful position in 4 seconds.

Main ingredients:

- Hydra Firming Booster
- Bukuryo Extract
- Pure Pearl Protein
- Grains of Paradise
- Avocado extract
- CPX Vital Extract
- Shilan Extract
- Koishimaru Silk Extract
- Oriental Relaxing Fragrance II

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