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Sensai Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Essence

Sensai Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Essence

Wrinkle Repair Essence is a serum that effectively fill wrinkles from within.
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Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Essence 1745 SEK
1571 SEK
Wrinkle Repair Series is the only antirynkserie offering all three factors to stimulate and optimize collagen renewal cycle. Silk soft essence a soft powdery feel. Accelerates collagen cycle.
Apply Kanebo Sensai Wrinkle Repair Essence morning and night before your day / night cream for best results use in conjunction with Kanebo Sensai Wrinkle Repair Cream Kanebo Sensai and Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream.
Ingredients: CPX Vital Extract-Extra strong anti-aging ingredient that works to accelerate collagen breakdown and renewal Exclusively in Cellular Performance formula-Contains the 5 main ingredients for a holistic SENSAI power: fortitude, moisturizing, reducing fine lines, protects against wrinkles and pigmentation Moon Peach Leaf extract Refreshing fragrance Effective in stimulating collagen synthesis

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