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Ardell Brow Shapers Cold Wax Strips

Ardell Brow Shapers Cold Wax Strips

Brow Shapers are safe and easy to apply. Designed to save tedious hours of tweezing and minimize errors, These cold wax strips are precut to fit almost any brow shape. Not only can Brow Shapers™ handle heavier brows , but overpriced fine hairs That can not be removed by tweezers to give you a more defined brow line. 1. Determine the direction of hair growth and make sure hair is at least 1/4 " ( 6mm ) long. 2nd Cleanse area to be treated , Removing all eye makeup and oils. Dry thoroughly with tissue or soft cloth. 3rd Select the Brown Shapers™ 4. Peel wax backing off contour strip and hold village edge. fifth Apply onto unwanted brow hair. 6. wax strip Firmly press into place. 7th With the index and third finger of one hand pull skin taut , pick up the lower end of the wax strip with the other hand and peel off the strip in opposite direction of hair growth with a firm , quick motion . Centre For Brow: note that center brow hair grows upward towards hairline. Application Follow above Steps 1-6, using TOP brow shaper. pull skin taut with one hand , pick up wax strip with the other hand and peel off strip downward towards nose with a firm, quick motion. Husband a mistake? By slowly peeling the wax strip in same direction as hair growth you can start over. use a new shaper to ENSURE effectiveness.

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Brow Shapers Cold Wax Strips 81 SEK
Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Pentaerythrityl Rosinate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Hydrogenated C6-20 Polyolefin

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