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Ardell Lösögonfrans 101 Demi

Ardell Lösögonfrans 101 Demi

Ardell false eyelashes, the most sold in the world! Used by professionals and consumers. Human hair, high quality and good prices. Ardell is a favorite of makeup artists worldwide.

Package 1 pair

Lösögonfrans 101 Demi 61 SEK
Application of eyelashes 1. After you have made up the fringe of the box, hold it at both ends and flex a few times. 2nd Take fake eye lashes the lid and place it flush with your eyelid (as close to the root of your lashes as possible). Then press it in place to see if it fits in length. If fringe is too long, remove it and cut it with scissors in the outer end. 3rd Apply a thin layer of glue on the edge of fake eye lashes (Tip: To avoid having to take too much glue on the lashes, apply a drop of glue on the tip of a toothpick and apply the glue with him.) 4. Wait a few seconds so the glue has time to get a little thicker, then apply on the eyelid as close to your lash edge as possible, Voila! Done! Note: White glue becomes transparent once it has dried.

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